Bonus Episode – Niko and Stella Swing on the PlayGRND

Not long ago, we received an email from a listener who was going to be traveling through the Washington DC area and wanted to meet our friends, the hosts of PlayGRND parties in the DC area.  You’ve probably heard them on the show, Amy & Rory, Chris & Vanessa and Nate & Liv.  We forwarded their contact information along and luckily they had the time to meet this couple on their travels.  The result was a sexy evening between the eight of them with commentary on how this particular couple had one of their first really positive lifestyle experiences.  We recorded it in Seattle when the PlayGRND crew came out to visit us.  It was so great seeing them and catching up. Niko & Stella provide guest commentary from their point of view.

Technical note: Liv had some great commentary but her microphone was unplugged while we recorded so unfortunately she didn’t pick up and thus, her comments were lost.



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