Who Is Admin Andi?

I am Admin Andi, and I am the co-creator of Double Date Nation, the newest and sexiest swinging site. My husband and I worked for nearly a year developing Double Date Nation and launched it in early 2019. I decided to write blogs for DDN based on our personal experiences to offer non-professional guidance to those who may be new to the swinging lifestyle.

My hubby Dave and I have been together since 2009 and married since 2011. We have been in the ‘swinging lifestyle’ or ‘lifestyle’ since 2015 and have had many exciting experiences so far and many interesting tales to tell. We always keep identities private and use the utmost discretion when describing our experiences.

I love to write and express my thoughts to others. I discovered that while attending many lifestyle events, I would find myself in deep conversations with those that I had just met about all kinds of swinging lifestyle topics. I decided to incorporate many of our stories into blog form and also offer others my personal opinion based on our experience.

I am definitely no professional. But I am in an open marriage and am happy to share what worked for us and what did NOT work. The swinging lifestyle is sexy fun, but it can also be confusing and overwhelming. One thing that my hubby and I would have loved to have would have been a mentor. We jumped in blindly and had to go through many unnecessary bumps, firsthand if there is a way that I can help others go through a smoother transition.

Otherwise, I describe myself as pretty simple. I am not a dramatic person. I am down to earth, and unabashedly loyal to my friends and family.  I love to be home and low key with my hubby binge-watching TV, and I also love to go out to a sexy party and get all dressed up in themed costumes. I love my lifestyle friends. I love to travel and experience new places and meet new people. I am very fortunate in that my hubby Dave and I can travel regularly, so we get to make new friends regularly. I am also an animal lover and a serious foodie.

I would describe myself as an overall introvert, but once I get pulled out of my shell all bets are off! I love to dance, especially to GOOD party music. In my past life I was likely a DJ or an elephant trainer (that’s another story). I would have to say that my lifestyle friends are more abundant than my vanilla friends. I feel more comfortable around them even when it is not a sexy environment. I can be myself, no filter, no judgment. My lifestyle friends are amazing as well as my experiences in the lifestyle. I just wish I knew about it all many years earlier, but I am so happy I know about it now!