93: SD 81 Should you ghost people who don’t get frequent STI testing?

Every lifestyle career has ups and downs. It’s common to go from being, on the prowl and  hungry for play, to being completely uninterested and wondering if there’s something wrong with you in only a short period of time. In this, our 5 year anniversary episode, we talk for a few minutes about our own journey and the way we’ve been riding the rollercoaster of swinging lately. 

In this show, we discuss our Best of the Lifestyle question about where to go on a first swinging date with a couple and then we transition to a definition question about what it means to “ghost” somebody in the the swinging lifestyle. Lastly, we try to answer a listener question about the best resources to get regular STI testing.

Since we are self admitted “ghosters” we had no shortage of memories for our Diary Story on this topic. In this episode, our journal entry is the memory of a club night where we ghosted on one very fun couple that we do like to party with, we just don’t want to play with, and instead deftly but obviously ghosted on them in order to play with another couple in the club that night. Luckily, although there was some occasional awkwardnesses, there were no hurt feelings.

*One note about this episode… We experienced some kind of weird electrical disturbance during the recording of this show and there is an annoying interference in the background that is heard during the second question. We did our very best to minimize it through editing but it’s still there. It goes away after about 10 minutes but we are still a little embarrassed that you’ll have to endure a recording that is not up to our usual sound standards. Thanks, in advance, for your forgiveness.


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