86: bh86: DVP, DP and double ended dildos

Welcome to episode 86! 

In this episode LV and VI (our sexy friends also known as Hiscockhertail) join us to talk about an amazing day we shared together.

We cover a lot of firsts – double vaginal penetration, double penetration and double ended dildos (there’s a double theme, right?). We talk about our nerves, the build up to the day, how we may have had a drink or two – and a whole lot of sexy talk. From scissoring to cock to cock contact – this one has it all!

Want to know more about Hiscockhertail? Check them out on Twitter, Insta and Fabswingers.

Want to get in touch with us? We are bedhoppersuk on Twitter, email us at bedhoppersuk@gmail.com and bed hoppers on Fabswingers. 

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Thank you for hopping into our bed!


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