Boy, do we have a lot to talk about this month…….


Keeping up with The Joneses- A dinner and a “hot” hot tub date;  a night out in Miami; the dreaded vanilla cruise; an awesome house party..

Discussion Topic- Our thoughts on CatalystCon- a conference described as a “melting pot of sexuality”

Snapshots- Mrs Jones finds a good use for both hands and Mr Jones gets an eyeful….


Listeners Q&A- Do we think we could just “pull the plug” on the lifestyle and be happy?


Mentioned in this episode:

Catalyst Con East 2015

The Curious Couple for the Curious Ear

Dr Zhana Vrangalova

The Private Gym

Life on the Swingset- Live at CatalystCon East

Ending the Sexual Dark Age- Live at CatalystCon East


Music licensed through BMI:

Me & Mrs Jones- Billy Paul

I’m in Miami Bitch- LMFAO

Picture- Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow

Mr Jones- Counting Crows

This month’s question: Could you and your partner  pull the plug on the lifestyle and be happy?  Let us know at