7: Dating Penises – TS7

Penises. Penes. Palos. Mangueros. Pollas. Oh My! Up until this point in our journey into CNM (Consensual Non-Monogamy) we met penis-endowed playmates at clubs, resorts, parties or events. We made our decisions primarily, in the moment, based on the appeal of the combination of appearance and personality. If things worked out we may choose to keep in touch. If not, then it ended there. Some couples, however, do what we would consider mimics “dating”. They prefer to get to know one another through online profiles like Cafe Desire, Kasidie, SDC, SLS, Indulge, Quiver. They go out on “dates” to see if they click. We decided to explore this way of meeting potential playmates, and in this episode, we consider whether this is worth trying. Listen in on our candid CarClip conversations as we work through the in-the-moment insecurities that came up around this new way of navigating our hobby. Was this swinging lifestyle becoming a necessary part of our relationship? You’ll hear how we get to a place of feeling reassured that, for us, our relationship will always come first (be the main focus) and anything else is only what, and when, we decide will add spice to what we already have together. Tune in to find out how oil painting is the perfect analogy for explaining all of this. Come discover your own torrid soul with us. We’d love to hear from you! Send us your questions or comments. Hello@TorridSouls.com 1-647-547-5512 Twitter and Instagram @TorridSouls


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