60: bh60: Do we desire the Swingset?

Thanks for downloading this episode of bed hoppers. This time we take a trip to Desire (in Mexico) with the Life on the Swingset podcast. Rather than a blow by blow, day by day review we cover our favourite moments, the highlights and the what-went-wrong bits.

If you’re looking to find out more about the resort in general (this time we went to Desire RM) listen to Room 77 or check out By the Bi – who did a great comparison episode way back in November/December 2018.

Lots of people to thank – but that’s pretty much all in the show. So, start listening now to find out why we’re singing meatloaf, why we were covered in paint and what pegging and gang bangs have in common (well, sort of).

Oh – if our voices sound a bit crappy, that’s because we both have Desire crud/swinger flu.

Thanks for hopping into our bed. Reach us on Twitter, Fab, email and all the usual places if you have questions, comments or complaints (which may be deleted).  


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