58: Ep. 58: How To Not Get What You’re Expecting When Sexing

Room 77 Swinger Podcast
  1. Richard turns our playdate into an ‘Open House’ in beautiful downtown Playa del Carmen. Join us in this three bedroom, fully equipped kitchen with a prison like feel Airbnb. This sexy duo, drives Richard to want to do homoerotic stuff again. It’s an issue.
  2. Preconceived notions cause us to let go of the wheel and realize no one is steering the boat. We recalibrate and Richard pulls out his secret (soon to be patented) Noah’s Richard’s Arch!
  3. We explore the difficulties of perceptions and ramifications of silent cumming, and the importance of understanding that it is not another couple’s responsibility to fulfill another couple’s fantasy.
  4. We share a clip from the New Podcast Gypsy and A Gentleman. Listen to their first time playing separately in a threesome and hear Gypsy enjoy all the juicy details! She’s already killing it on Twitter, so be sure and give them a follow!

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