Kay dips her toes in the West Coast single male waters and has mixed experiences. First, the tedious task of wading through hundreds of online profiles from Tinder and Feeld in order to find the men that excite her. When she finally goes to meet one, she finds that he has misrepresented himself and worse, tries to lock himself in a public bathroom with her while at a restaurant in our home city. That ended quickly and she drove to my work where I was working overnight. We talked through the situation and she looked so beautiful that I just had to take her to a back room and fuck her right there at work. The story has a happy ending you could say, she met another man who was everything that he claimed to be and after a coffee date, they hit it off and went back to his place. You’ll have to tune in to hear what happens from there, but we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy every little detail.

Kay’s Corner leads off tonight and answers a question about when she felt comfortable watching Jay have sex with another woman and like most of our episodes, there’s an audio nugget tucked in to the end of the show where Liv, Amy and Kay talk about dry humping vs. grinding.