51: Episode 51 – Club Privata Birthday Bash


Take your time with this one, it’s our longest episode to date and there are built in breaks for this 2.5 hour birthday weekend celebration.  We have guest audio galore to help us recall this seriously sexy getaway to Portland, Oregon with Adam & Belle from Swinging Outside the Lines.  

Kay and I celebrated our shared birthdays at Club Privata and over 90 people came out to party with us.  It was such a sexy crowd and we met so many wonderful people with incredible personal and lifestyle stories.  From the planning phases to the Friday night M&G, Saturday morning strip club field trip, daytime cuddles and lifestyle quickies to the dinners and the club itself, no detail is left unexplored. 

Like any good party, there’s an after party, and this one did not disappoint as we had an eight person orgy that will be forever ingrained into the red light part of our memories.  

We answer questions on Kay’s corner, thank YOU our Patrons and finish up with some pretty funny bloopers at the end.  

For even more details of this fun weekend, be sure to head over to Swinging Outside the Lines (or search for them on your favorite poscast catcher) and listen to their take for exclusive unheard audio not covered on our show.

Swinging Outside the Lines 

Club Privata 


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