46: bh46: back to Vanilla Alternative (with Barney and Emma)

Well hello there. Thanks for downloading episode forty six of the bed hoppers podcast. We’ve been in Oz and Singapore for the last few weeks – so are having trouble humaning (so, if this ep is a duffer, sorry). We reach back into our jet lagged heads and talk about Vanilla Alternative, review the club and recall a recent meet. We chat a bit about what to do if you finish before your partner too. There are some hints about our holibobs and mild spoilers about them (sorry). Special shout out to Barney and Emma.

Find out more about the club by heading here: https://www.thevanillaalternative.co.uk

Reach us at fabswingers.com (bed hoppers) and on Twitter at bedhoppersuk. You can email us at bedhoppersuk@gmail.com too!


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