The Suite is now open! This is a special episode where we finally produce the show that we envisioned! The plan was to have a live stream, audience-driven discussion moderated by us – and here it is!

When you’re talking about the swinging lifestyle, it’s not all peaches and cream…roses and rainbows. In this episode, we discuss how to handle one of the most common challenges of opening your relationship – jealousy. We share the details of how we made it through a jealous fit after one of our first full-swap sessions (oy!). We also go through a list of 5 tips that we found on how to handle jealousy in open or poly relationships.

Once we opened the Suite, things got really interesting! Listen in as we field questions received from our guests! We get asked about…

  • If we play with single males/females
  • how we handle erection issues
  • if we’ve had any issues with race in the lifestyle
  • and more!


Thanks to @BlacknKinky for joining us in the Suite!

Article mentioned in this episode:
5 Ways to Handle Jealousy in Open Polyamorous Relationships

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