We have a ton of fun dissecting a particularly stranger-than-normal scene from the show DOOM Patrol. The show certainly isn’t to be taken too seriously (it’s a super silly, over-the-top super hero show), but we found it made a few bold statements regarding the swinger lifestyle. Some included:

  • “It’s not about love or freedom; it’s about more control (by men)”
  • “Women allow control because men have tricked them into believing this (LS) is a choice”
  • Men just want to “try some new pussy”

We actually had a great time discussing our reactions and thoughts with the Suite-Talkers community. Together, we all learned how valuable fair, open, and honest communication is in a (lifestyle) relationship. 

Someone who can help with just that is our friend, Lifestyle Relationship Coach, Catherine from Expansive Connection. If you’re in a relationship that needs a little help with sharing your feelings, take a second to see how Catherine can help. Her info is below.

As always, thanks for listening!


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