33: Episode 33: How Deep is Your Love?- How the Lifestyle Strengthens Our Relationship

Mr. and Mrs. Jones with the We Gotta Thing swinger podcast.

Keeping up with the Joneses This month we catch you up on the sexy weekend we had with a very special couple as the four of us visited the Trapeze Club in Atlanta, Georgia.  Oh, and you’ll also want to hear what we put in each other’s naughty stockings!

Discussion topic How is it that we can watch each other have sex with other people and not only does it turn us on but it brings us closer?  Many of you have asked this question so we decided to share some tangible things we’ve experienced that prove to us (and hopefully you) that swinging can improve and already strong relationship.

Snapshots Okay, two naked female bodies and a strap-on.  Need we say more?

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