32: A Ladies of the Lifestyle Discussion Girl-Pile at NIN2019 – TS32

It’s no surprise, y’all know we like ’em big, aaand we like to do things in 3’s sometimes. So here you go. This 3 part edition of LOL aka Ladies of the Lifestyle, was originally released as Part 1 with Two Or More To Tango Episode 31; Part 2 with Swinger Diaries Episode 78; and Part 3 with Average Swingers Episode 115. In this episode, we’ve stitched these 3 episodes together and layered them in amongst our usual Torrid Souls smexy format, to give something a little bit longer …for your ears. Hear what happens when the ladies get together and talk the lifestyle girl-talk …that needs to be talked about. It’s Angie from Average Swingers, Dee from Euphoria Chronicles, Mrs.Tango from Two Or More To Tango, Paige (from what was) Swinger Diaries …and of course us, Tori and Soul! We’d love your support. Check out our newest spot, on Only Fans – OnlyFans.com/torridsouls. Our OnlyFans page will be the ONLY place to see the behind-the-scenes pictures of our travels. It’s free to follow us, and we’ll also offer some specific (more revealing) posts as paid posts. Other ways to support the continued production of our podcast is by donating (any monetary amount) through paypal.me/TorridSouls. Come discover your own torrid soul with us. We’d love to hear from you! Send us your questions or comments. Hello@TorridSouls.com 1-647-547-5512 Twitter, Instagram, OnlyFans & Reddit @TorridSouls Leave us a review, and we will read it in an upcoming episode. Thinking of going to Desire or Temptation or NIN? Consider using our links. It doesn’t cost you any more and helps to support the podcast. TorridSouls.com/desire TorridSouls.com/temptation Naughty in N’awlins is coming up soon! Aug 4-8, 2021. Join us! TorridSouls.com/nin Join us and 6000 other open-minded sexies on the biggest swingers cruise ever Nov 14-21, 2021. TorridSouls.com/bliss Find links to the Podcasts and Resources mentioned in this episode by visiting our show Notes page: TorridSouls.com/32


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