31: Even Naughtier in N’awlins – NIN2019 Part 2 – TS31

Are you ready for some more mischief? This follow-up episode is Part 2 of our NIN2019 recap – a Torrid Souls Repeat-Worthy Event. If you haven’t listened to Part 1, EP30: Naughtier in N’awlins, you’ll probably want to start there first. This is Part 2 of what got started in EP30. This time we take you inside the Plus One Room at Naughty N’awlins. The Plus One Room is one of the many playrooms you’ll find in the 20,000 square feet of play-space available to enjoy during the largest couples lifestyle convention in the world, where 1000s of open-minded couples come together, in New Orleans, with the common interest of exploring their sexuality. This particular play-space has a specific purpose. It offers NIN attendees the option of creating a memorable moment by making their Hot Wife Fantasies a very enjoyable reality. The 20 guys who attend this particular room are from a private club called The Good Fellaz. These distinguished gentleman are part of an organized group who host specific themed events throughout the US, and internationally, “for couples and singles who enjoy meeting quality Men Of Color”. Listen in to find out more about what you’ll get in the Plus One Room, and what you won’t! On this last night at NIN, we had quite the experience with 4 of the Fellaz. In this sexed up episode we talk about their repertoire of techniques, and, yes, the diversity in their size, stamina, strength and skills. You’ll hear what had us engaged for hours and making a mess way past final teardown. Soul discovers sub-space for the first time when she gets pinned by the man called Mammoth and Tori finds the man with the beautiful penis! Have fun listening, and we also want you to PAY ATTENTION. There’s lots of tips on what you can do to make your sessions sooo much better. Thank you for supporting our podcast! Our newest spot is on Only Fans, OnlyFans.com/torridsouls. Our OnlyFans page will be the ONLY place to see the behind-the-scenes pictures of our travels. It’s free to follow us, and we’ll also offer some specific (more revealing) posts as paid posts. You can also donate any monetary amount through paypal.me/TorridSouls. Come discover your own torrid soul with us. We’d love to hear from you! Send us your questions or comments. Hello@TorridSouls.com 1-647-547-5512 Twitter, Instagram, OnlyFans & Reddit @TorridSouls Leave us a review, and we will read it in an upcoming episode. Like Podcasters? Then you’ll LOVE Podcast-a-Palooza in Miami, Florida – May 21-24, 2021. TorridSouls.com/pcap Thinking of going to Desire or Temptation? Consider using our links. It doesn’t cost you any more and helps to support the podcast. TorridSouls.com/desire TorridSouls.com/temptation Join us and 6000 other open-minded sexies on the biggest swingers cruise ever Nov 14-21, 2021. TorridSouls.com/bliss Find links to the Podcasts and Resources mentioned in this episode by visiting our Show Notes page: TorridSouls.com/31


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