23. Erotic Massage Part 2 (aka: Get your happy ending, Girl!)

Are you curious about a professional erotic massage? The Wives book sensual and fanstasy massages at Desire RM and they are ready to tell you all about it!

Erotic massage is a fantastic way get into a sexy mindset, amp up foreplay and reach new orgasmic heights. 

We know you aren’t ready for summer to end, so mix up a batch of Watermelon Margaritas while listening to a super-sexy Hot Tale!  Kat makes an immediate connection with a sexy cowboy at Desire and the sparks fly when she tries a new kind of pole dancing (…did I see a Groupon for that?)

Next the Wives complete their homework erotic massage by booking a special spa treatment at Desire. 

Learn about about the sensual massage and fantasy massage experience, including the sensual massage and the Five Senses Fantasy Massage. 

Many couples swear by the sensual massage experience (“so nice, I did it twice”), but did it leave the Wives in multi-orgasmic bliss? Tune it to find out.

We love our listeners and we want to hear from you!  Call the 2HotWives voicemail at 571-310-3829 and share your favorite hot tales and sexy stories.  We may feature you on the show! 

More About Desire Erotic Massage:

Desire Sensual Massage for Couples

We invite you and your partner to cross the threshold, converting fantasy into reality. Our Desire Sensual Massage for Couples combines an otherwise classic, relaxing experience, with the art of seduction. This journey begins with a refreshing, aphrodisiac beverage in our Jacuzzi, followed by a neck, back, head and sensual body massage, specifically designed to take you to the limits of seduction, preparing you for lovemaking with your partner. This entire ritual takes place inside the Jacuzzi (Guests only), and once the massage has concluded the therapists will exit, leaving you in privacy, to finish your erotic experience any way you desire.

Featured on this episode:

Desire RM

Bliss Cruise

Coconut Lime Massage Oil

How to find the 2HotWives:





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