21: VIN2020 Tell Me What You Want. What You Really, Really Want – TS21

Our listeners already know that we are pretty clear about finding (and getting) what we want in the lifestyle so join us for this episode, recorded in front of a live audience at Valentine’s in Niagara. Have even better sex. Get what you really, really want. Yes!.. Yes!.. Yes! Come and get it – the answer is in this episode. Getting what you want is based on your wiring, and in this episode you’ll not only discover what your pattern is (with a quick and easy quiz), you’ll also learn how to feed that pattern (and your partner’s too).  Wait! there’s more.  Good news… once you know what you want, you can get it!  Check us out this VIN2020 episode and learn how to get what you really, really want.  Come get yourself some muy sexy results.   Resources from this episode: Take the online Erotic Blueprint Quiz: TorridSouls.com/blueprint Meet our Cannabis Sensuality Coach, Carli-Jo and sign up for her free mini-course about how to thrive in isolation with your partner: TorridSouls.com/coach   Our new segment is called Torrid Souls’ Sexy Smart Bookshelf, and this episode features a book called “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking”  We’ve partnered with Audible to allow you to download it as an audiobook for free: TorridSouls.com/book   Come discover your own torrid soul with us.  We’d love to hear from you! Send us your questions or comments.  Hello@TorridSouls.com 1-647-547-5512 Twitter, Instagram & Reddit @TorridSouls     Leave us a review, and we will read it in an upcoming episode.   This episode is a recording we did at Valentine’s in Niagara 2020.  2021 is now open for registration, so why not join us for a little Canadian indoor tropical weekend at Valentine’s in Niagara Feb 5-7, 2021  TorridSouls.com/vin  Just let them know if your registration notes that we sent ya!   Like Podcasters?  Then you’ll LOVE Podcast-a-Palooza in Miami, Florida.  This event, that was supposed to happen already, has been postponed due to COVID.  It has been rescheduled for Oct 9-12, 2020.  TorridSouls.com/PCAP    Thinking of going to Desire or Temptation?  Consider using our links.  It doesn’t cost you any more and helps to support the podcast. TorridSouls.com/desire TorridSouls.com/temptation   Join us and 6000 other open-minded sexies on the biggest swingers cruise ever Nov 14-21 2021 TorridSouls.com/bliss   Support our podcast through our Patreon page TorridSouls.com/patreon   or through following any of our Recommended Products and Services TorridSouls.com/recommend


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