Toronto, with its 5 lifestyle clubs in the area, is the sex club capital of North America.  In this episode we chose The O Zone as the place to be. The perfect place to go to dance the night away or be sexy (or both). On this night we explore a few “firsts”.  It was our debut of taking a date to a club – checking in as a trio – and tune in for a few other more intimate, sexy firsts.   We take you for a tour through our favourite Toronto area nightclub-style lifestyle club, and share our adventures with our repeat-worthy playfriend, Batman! Buckle up, as we share more sexy details than you have normally found in our episodes.  Our discussion that stems from this experience is all about asking for what you want … ’cause, you just might get it!   To learn more about each club in Toronto, check out the blog post by our very good friends at The Monogamish Marriage   Come discover your own torrid soul with us.  We’d love to hear from you! Send us your questions or comments. 1-647-547-5512 Twitter, Instagram & Reddit @TorridSouls     Leave us a review, and we will read it in an upcoming episode.   Register for Naughty in N’awlins 2020 and come party with us!