The skill of finding play partners, what do you look for?  Is it physical attraction? Is it mental? Emotional? Do need to get to know others?  Do you play and never repeat?  Do you prefer established partners. In the lifestyle, just like in life, there are a variety of vibes and tribes.  It may seem silly, and obvious, to say this… and it is an obvious truth. You may think everyone is in it for the same thing.  We are… aaand we’re not.  You will meet some people that you jive with, and just as often, you will encounter those who don’t.  People will approach you strictly interested in the physical activity of sex – for them it may be all about getting as much as possible.  Some people will think this is awesome, while others could be offended by the quick assessment and decision to play or not to play.  You will also meet people who take time getting to know you, before getting to the point of having sex.  Being approached by someone who does not match your vibe can be quite discouraging.  In this episode we will chat about the importance of knowing that, even here, in the lifestyle, you will need to find those you resonate with. Listen in and discover how you can be less discouraged and offended, and much more successful when finding others to play with.     Come discover your own torrid soul with us.  We’d love to hear from you! Send us your questions or comments. 1-647-547-5512 Twitter and Instagram @TorridSouls     Register for Naughty in N’awlins 2020 and come party with us!