120: bh120: the violent croissant

Thanks for downloading our podcast. 

In this episode we announce that our second social has now sold out (thank you everyone) and speak to our incredible friend and special guest Violet (https://twitter.com/WhatVioletDid).

We talk about findom, pay pigs, camming, photography, us (hey, it is OUR show) and lots of other interesting things as we get to know Violet better. It’s a fabulous insight into her crazy, crazy world and just why we call her the violent croissant. 

Handy links

Find out about our guest at https://twitter.com/WhatVioletDid

Want to join our patreon? Head to https://www.patreon.com/bedhoppersuk? 

Want to join us in Palm Springs at PCAP? Head to https://podcast-a-palooza.com/bedhoppers

But mostly, thanks for hopping into our bed!


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