Toronto, with its 5 lifestyle clubs in the area, is the sex club capital of North America.  In this episode we chose Oasis AquaLounge as the place to be. The perfect place to go to chill out or be sexy, or both, and on this night we were on a specific mission. It was a farewell, of sorts, a boobie swan song, a last hurrah, a ta-ta to the tatas.  After deliberating for years, Soul had made a decision, and breast augmentation surgery was scheduled for later that week  Well…hidden in every ending, is a new beginning and nowhere was this more obvious than that evening.  Saying goodbye collided with a surprising hello, when a playfriend, who had been MIA for almost a year, walks in.  He had said he was no longer available as he was serious with his girlfriend.  Find out why he was in a sex club that night.    To learn more about each club in Toronto, check out the blog post by our very good friends at The Monogamish Marriage   Come discover your own torrid soul with us.  We’d love to hear from you! Send us your questions or comments. 1-647-547-5512 Twitter, Instagram & Reddit @TorridSouls     Got stamina? All day fun & a vibrant night life, that’s the Temptation Experience. In 5 weeks we’ll be at this Adult Only, Topless Optional Playground. Come party with Torrid Souls and LOSE YOUR DISCRETION.  Use this link to join us: MAY 3-13 2019.   Leave us a review, like our podcast friends Mickey & Mallory from  Casual Swinger did, and we will read it in an upcoming episode.