10208: FF 2.8 – The Power of Community with We Gotta Thing

The feeling of being alone when embarking on any new journey is so scary. Perhaps you can’t talk to anyone around you about it, and the people you do talk to make you feel shamed or a bit crazy. Finding our community, our people, that feel like home, has been the single most powerful and supportive resource the two of us have for exploring non-monogamy.


In this fantastic conversation, we sit down with Mrs. and Mr. Jones from the We Gotta Thing podcast to talk about all things community and our personal experiences with finally finding ours. This episode was originally released on their podcast as Episode 98. In an effort to help more people find their home, we decided to release it here as well. Enjoy!


If you are interested in joining either or both of our communities, here are links to both:

We Gotta Thing

Normalizing Non-Monogamy


Check out the full show notes here.

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