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Your trust is important to us. Double Date Nation offers a secure, encrypted lifestyle dating app and website. We do not store any payment information for the protection of our members. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will never sell or rent your information to anyone. 

Securely Manage Subscription

Banks will not allow credit or debit card information to be in an unsecure environment. Anytime a payment is scanned through ‘Apple Pay’ or Android Pay’, this information cannot be used by a 3rd party because it is blocked to prevent any unauthorized transactions.

Members Only

Due to the nature of the Swinger Lifestyle, non-members cannot view our site’s content. This ensures the privacy of our members, which is something we value very much. Nothing is more important in the Swinger Community than privacy and discretion.

Who Joins Double Date Nation?

Our members consist of couples, newlyweds, swingers, nudists, advocates of the swinging lifestyle, people who are curious about it but haven’t been able to try it yet and others who enjoy group sex or exploring their wild side. We have search features where you can search by age and location and swing status. 

You can also use our advanced advanced search function which allows you to browse a member’s photo album, their bio, interests ,favorite activities in order to establish whether you would enjoy speaking or engaging with that person. 

You can delete your profile at any time if you no longer wish to be on Double Date Nation. Your privacy is very important to all of us here at Double Date Nation!

Where Do You Find Swingers?

Great question. Adding a check-box in all census forms asking whether or not you’re a “swinger” would be helpful, but I don’t think it will be happening anytime soon! Funny thing is, they are everywhere! They are your friends and coworkers, probably on the same block as your family members, too.

 There’s no sure-fire way to identify if someone is indeed a swinger unless they attend events specifically dedicated to people looking for other swingers, or join one of the many lifestyle dating sites out there. Trying to find other swingers organically is challenging because people just aren’t announcing their open relationship status at the local bar or even when entering a restaurant for that matter. That’s where Double Date Nation comes into play though – offering up a safe and secure place for potential swingers to meet up.

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Double Date Nation - Welcome to Double Date Nation - The New "Swinger Lifestyle"

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Double Date Nation - Welcome to Double Date Nation - The New "Swinger Lifestyle"

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Double Date Nation - Welcome to Double Date Nation - The New "Swinger Lifestyle"

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Double Date Nation - Welcome to Double Date Nation - The New "Swinger Lifestyle"

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Double Date Nation - Welcome to Double Date Nation - The New "Swinger Lifestyle"

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