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According to the Kinsey Institute there are four million active 'swingers' in the United States alone, and we all had to start somewhere. Double Date Nation provides a modern, contemporary platform for those in the Lifestyle to meet like-minded couples and singles.
A renewed sense of trust was formed in our marriage after entering the Lifestyle. The ability to be completely open and honest together created an intimacy that put us on a new level. We learned to share our curiosities and fantasies without judgement.

-Admin Andi

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Double Date Nation is a discreet and secure members-only website that offers a sleek, modern, contemporary interface designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.


Whether you're looking for a no-expectations double-date or something even more exciting, Double Date Nation puts you in control.

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"The Lifestyle, Swinging, Open Marriage, Monogamish, New Monogamy-Call it what you want, it's a reality and it's on the rise."

-Admin. Andi