What Our Podcast Friends Say About Double Date Nation

One of the things we like about DDN is their commitment to safe sharing.  DDN focuses on privacy and security which means you can focus on sharing your sexiest photos with peace of mind.  They also have the most responsive customer service that we’ve ever encountered in our years of navigating lifestyle websites.

– Jay & Kay – That Couple Next Door Podcast

We’ve had accounts on many sites over the years but there’s nothing out there nearly as classy, modern and sexy as DDN. While the modern interface and added safety of so many privacy controls are absolutely fantastic, the real power of DDN is the endless number of quality couples to make connections with on the site.

– Paige and Penn – Swinger Diaries Podcast

We joined DDN shortly after their launch as we’re always intrigued by new communities and products being offered to the lifestyle community. It became clear from the onset that DDN were looking to modernize and destigmatize the lifestyle community by offering a sleek platform that also considered privacy and safety to be paramount. DDN are a standout for customer service, they are personally available and quick to respond, this is unlike any interactions we’ve had with dating sites in our 6 years in the lifestyle. We are extremely excited to see DDN grow within the community and by users on the DDN site, we truly believe that they are leading the way for a classy dating site that is community focussed.

– Cate and Darrell – Swinging Downunder Podcast

Who Joins Double Date Nation?

Our members consist of couples, seasoned swingers, curious singles, newlyweds, inquisitive partners, fetish seekers, and discreet lovers. You name it, you can find what you are looking for on Double Date Nation! We have a descriptive bio section where you can share with other members your interests and give some insight into who you are. You can even select a ‘No Expectations’ option to let others know that you are simply getting your toes wet with the whole idea of opening your relationship, or joining in play with another couple or sing

Where Do You Find Swingers?

Great question! I think we need to add the item ‘Are you a swinger?’ to every census, but I don’t think that will happen soon. The funny thing is, they are everywhere! They are your neighbors, friends, and coworkers. There is no sure-fire way to identify if a person or couple is a ‘swinger’ per se unless you attend a lifestyle event, club, resort, or join a lifestyle dating website. Attempting to find other swingers organically is a challenge; for obvious reasons, people don’t announce their open relationship when they enter a restaurant or bar. This is where Double Date Nation comes to the rescue. Take a three-month test drive of our site and see the modern interface and experience superb customer service for yourself!

A renewed sense of trust was formed in our marriage after entering the Lifestyle. The ability to be completely open and honest together created an intimacy that put us on a new level. We learned to share our curiosities and fantasies without judgement. 

-Admin Andi

Modern, Sleek Interface


Double Date Nation is a discreet and secure members-only website that offers a sleek, modern, contemporary interface designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.


Whether you’re looking for a no-expectations double-date or something even more exciting, Double Date Nation puts you in control.

“The Lifestyle, Swinging, Open Marriage, Monogamish, New Monogamy-Call it what you want, it’s a reality and it’s on the rise.”

-Admin. Andi

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